Easy and Cute Hairstyles for your little girl

Two Strand Twists

I’m always looking for a super cute and easy hairstyle to do on my little princess and I’m always searching the web for something quick and time saving. A lot of us parents are so busy throughout the week and we don’t often have time to do a “fancy” hairstyle for our little princesses. Seriously, I refuse to send my kid out the door with the same tired ponytail every day that will at some point start to brake her hair off.

So, I’ve come up with a pretty simple and easy regimen that not only saves time throughout the week, but also keeps your little princesses hair healthy.

Start off by using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. I used Design Essentials Almond and Avocad Moisturizing and Detangling sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner. My daughters hair is natural, so I make sure I use a sulfate Free and moisturizing products on her hair. After that I follow up with coconut nut oil and Design Essentials almond and avocado curling cream. I then part her hair in small sections and two strand twist it all over. This hairstyle can last 1-2 weeks with a little grooming every other day. You can add a bow or headband to jazz it up a little more.

Be sure to keep a satin bonnet on your princess’s hair at night to keep it looking fresh a little longer. Also add moisture to her hair everyday by massaging a little coconut oil through her scalp. If your little girl has dry hair like mine, she’ll definitely need it!

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2 thoughts on “Easy and Cute Hairstyles for your little girl

  1. Where do I purchase the hair products please thank you


    1. You can get coconut oil from anywhere…Walmart,target. I buy a huge jar from Sam’s Club. All other hair products can be purchased at you local beauty supply stores


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