Flat twists

Have you been trying to master the flat twist out, but can’t get it quite right??

Most people can do two-strand twists, but a flat twist out is a bit more complex than two-strand twists. Two-strand twists is basically taking two strands of hair and twisting them from root to tip. The flat twist is similar to a cornrow, but instead of three strands of hair you use two strands.

This style can be done on all hair types and on wet or dry hair.

1. I started my daughters flat twist out on dry stretched hair. This can be accomplished by using the banding method or by just a twist out that’s been up for about a week and has had time to stretch and elongate.

2. Detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb. Using a spray bottle with water dampen the hair just a bit. Follow up with coconut oil and and a curling cream. You can use your own homemade curling cream or a any curly/twisting cream of your choice. (This is also known as the lock method)

3. Part the hair in sections (whatever pattern you desire) with a rat tail comb and section off with hair clips. Begin by taking two strands of hair and twist gripping from the root. Do this until you have formed a complete cornrow like twist. Coil the end of the twist with your finger or use perm rods to secure the ends. This will ensure a more polished look.

4. Cover your hair with a satin cap and get some zzzz’s.

5. When you awaken remove the satin cap and perm rods. Rub coconut oil or whatever oil you choose on your hands and gently unravel each twist. Be sure to unravel/pull apart in the natural direction of twist.

6. Pick roots for more volume using a pick comb.

Optional: Add a bow or a headband

A flat twist out is a quick and creative way to style your hair. It allows you to show off those beautiful tresses and create beautiful curls without the damage of harsh heat.

Hope you enjoy and try this oh so cute hairstyle!

Benefits of a Flat Twist Out

• elongates hair more

• Roots more defined

• Easy styling

• Protective

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