The Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

So, your best friend (or sister) got engaged and you’re in charge of the bridal shower! What does this entail you ask?!? This means finding the venue, food, invitations etc…

All of this can get really overwhelming, but if you stick to this checklist it’ll turn out amazing 😉

3 Months Prior👇

#1 SET THE DATE & TIME- have a conversation with the bride and find out if she wants her shower to be on a Saturday night (where dinner is provided) or on a Saturday mid morning or afternoon (where you can either have brunch or light hors d’oeuvres). Maybe even on a Sunday afternoon.

#2 SET A THEME – chic and elegant, rustic




4-6 Weeks Prior To The Shower


#6 SEND OUT THOSE INVITATIONS- Make sure you have accurate address information for all of the guests.

#7 GET YOUR DECOR- I love DIY projects, but they can sometimes get expensive. Especially if you’re doing a Pinterest project (which I can never resist). If you’re not the “diy” type order whatever decor you’ll need from Amazon like I did here for my sisters bridal shower. Another great tip for saving some money is utilizing your local Dollar Tree. I purchased several glass vases in different heights, filled them with water and added t-light candles.

#8 PREPARE THE MENU & ORDER THE CAKE – Try doing something easy and affordable. Finger foods are always a great idea. We had a taco bar for my sisters bridal shower and it was a huge hit! You can either have it catered or have a few of the bridesmaids pull together and each bring a covered dish or drinks.

#9 GAMES/ACTIVITIES/ MUSIC – Delegate these tasks to other bridesmaids willing to help!

2 Weeks Prior To The Shower


#10 Follow-up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d

#11 Put together a “thank you” gift for guests.

#12 Purchase a gift- You’ll be so busy preparing you might forget 🙈


1 Week Prior To The Shower

#13 Purchase the food,beverages, eating utensils, and anything else you may need to serve the food or drinks.

1 Day Before The Shower


#14 Pick up the cake and/or pastries, balloons, and flowers if ordered fresh

#15 If you’re renting a venue see if it’s ok to get in the night before to setup and decorate. In a case where that’s not possible then get to the venue as early as possible on the day of the shower and get it done. If you’re having The Shower at home or someone else’s house then of course you could do it the night before.

#16 Prepare food that can be prepared ahead of time.

Day Of The Shower

#17 Make sure the house or venue is clean

#18 Set specific areas for gifts, food, games, and finish decor if necessary

# 19 Set up drinks and food


Follow this checklist and you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by,

Brica B 😘

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