Meal Prep Sunday!

Spring has finally arrived!!! And what do we usually do around this time of year?!? I know what I do…start pulling out summer clothes from the previous year to make sure everything still fits. Lbvs! I mean even though I’ve been to the gym 5-6 days a week through out the winter it’s the little things that catch up with you. For example the Christmas cookies, the hot chocolate and s’mores, macaroni n cheese and all of good old comfort food you could sink your teeth into. 😋

You’ve made your New Years resolutions, which included loosing weight and eating healthy and you kind of committed to it. Unfortunately that only lasted until about Valentine’s Day. 😩 Well it’s not too late! No one is perfect and if you fell off, get up and do it again! 🗣 IT’S TIME!

These days people are doing the most to loose a few pounds. For example…diet pills, fad diets, or even starving themselves! All of these are horrible ways to go about loosing weight!

I know how hard and discouraging it can be from personal experience. Preparing my meals was a life saver for me! Most of us are busy with daily tasks like work and/or school and kids, so it’s so convenient to be able to grab your food and head out the door every day!

Preparing you meals not only saves you time, but also helps you save a a lot of money. Just think of all the money you waist eating out several days a week. Not to mention the food choices aren’t the healthiest because it’s “fast food”.

I have a pretty good meal prep plan that’ll get you started. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

This is pretty much what I eat in a day. I generally prep my meals on Sunday nights and for 7 days straight!


2 egg whites & 1 whole egg w/ handful of spinach,1 Turkey sausage.

If I’m in a hurry I’ll grab a banana or an apple

Snack: trail mix(almonds,cashews, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips) or an apple w/ natural peanut butter

Lunch: Green salad (preferably spinach)w/ chicken breast

Snack: fruit or nuts…sometimes both

Dinner:chicken breast or salmon w/ broccoli, asparagus, or brussel sprouts and baked sweet potatoes (cinnamon only,no sugar, no butter)

Meal Prep containers

Disclaimer: This meal plan is what has worked for me! You do not have to follow my regimen.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brica B✌🏾💋

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